Metal and Glass Restoration

Metal and glass are easily scratched, etched, stained, or otherwise damaged if not properly maintained and treated. RTI offers complete solutions for glass restoration, metal polishing, scratch and dent removal, and restorative coatings. RTI also cleans, polishes, and restores Alucabond panels.

We have extensive experience cleaning and restoring facades from modern glass and metal facades to historical stone landmarks. Services we provide in this area include:

  • Cleaning, polishing, and refinishing of most architectural metals
  • Restoration and waterproofing of steel and aluminum curtain walls and window wall systems
  • Cleaning, restoration, sealing, and refinishing of Duranodic (Alucabond) and anodized aluminum panels
  • Application of high-performance coating
  • Custom tailored metal and glass maintenance programs.
  • Commercial window washing and stain removal
  • Glass polishing and surface renewal