RTI’s team of waterproofing experts will equip your building with everything it needs to prevent water damage which will keep your building in good shape.

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Building Restoration

Our team is experienced in all exterior facade systems and construction. Stone, brick, glass, metal, EIFS, and even Alucabond. We are here to solve your most challenging issues.

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Parking Garage Repairs & Maintenance

Parking structures are subject to a variety of deterioration factors and require regular maintenance. RTI will keep your parking garage in great condition for years to come.

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Masonry and Stone Restoration and Preservation

You want your masonry and stonework to look beautiful, but maintaining the quality of a masonry façade is also important in regard to the structural integrity of the building as well as the potential water infiltration when the quality is compromised. Performing restoration of various types of masonry construction requires skilled craftsmen that are capable of correcting the deterioration of the building façade.

Metal and Glass Restoration

Metal and glass are easily scratched, etched, stained, or otherwise damaged if not properly maintained and treated. RTI offers complete solutions for glass restoration, metal polishing, scratch and dent removal, and restorative coatings. RTI also cleans, polishes, and restores Alucabond panels.

Historic Restoration

Historic buildings pose a unique challenge when approaching a restoration project. Proper assessment and diagnosis followed by quality workmanship are crucial to a successful restoration. Moisture from leaky roofs, built-in gutters, walls, and windows can render a historic building structurally unsound, and if not addressed, can lead to a level of disrepair that make it financially unfeasible to restore.

Evaluation and Consultation

No matter what services you need—building or stonework restoration, waterproofing, or parking garage maintenance services—RTI can help you repair and protect what’s yours. Our team of experts evaluate structures to identify damage and potential hazards to help keep you and your team safe on the job. We work with clients during our comprehensive building evaluations to identify problem areas, develop budgets, and then discuss the best course of action for your needs.